Bull Brook Keep

Bull Brook Keep: Our Farm - Our Mission
Our Commitment
  • Great taste & high-nutrition
  • No grain. No hormones
  • Caring animal husbandry
  • Tiny carbon hoof print

Package sizes* to meet your needs:
       - Bistro Bundle - 25-30 lbs of various cuts and ground beef
       - Urban Epicure - 1/8 beef (50-60 lbs)
       - Country Chef - 1/4 beef (abour 110 lbs)
       - Wagon Master - 1/2 beef (about 220 lbs)
       - Whole steer - about 430 lbs
       - Primal cuts - for the restauranteur

*These are estimates because steers range from 1,000-1,300 lbs. For pricing and ordering details, go to To Order Beef.

Our Farm 
We're in west central Wisconsin,an easy drive from the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota metro area. Our fields are hilly, just right for rotational grazing - a practice whereby we move the herd to fresh pastures spring, summer and fall. We grow the hay we feed during the winter months. More about the farm.
About Us
Dave and I farm because of our deep commitment to healthful foods and environmental stewardship. More about us.  

Contact us at sylvia@bullbrookkeep.com