Artisan breads in your home oven, to suit your schedule. Each hands-on class demonstrates how you can bake hearth breads using time, temperature and a wet dough to bend the bread making process to fit into your busy schedule. Choose from two types of bread: those made with poolish (focaccia, ciabatta and pizza), or with a mild French sourdough (how to make all kinds of variations, such as Herbs de Provence, 70% whole wheat, with cornmeal or semolina, just to name a few).
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Prepare 100% grass-fed beef, and other pastured meats two ways: low & slow, or fast. You can use extended cooking time or fast cooking with a pressure cooker (stovetop or electric) to get the best flavor, aroma and nutrition from your pastured meats. Delight your family, and yourself.
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Dave and I are committed to delicious, healthful eating. It’s why we breed and graze 100% grass-fed beef, and use traditional and new approaches to prepare our meals.
We built our farmhouse with a teaching kitchen – an intimate space for baking and cooking classes. I hope you’ll keep an eye out for alerts about fun opportunities for both slow and fast cooking. The goals are always to cook and bake great flavor, high nutrition, and to work within your schedule.

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