Sizzling burgers, juicy steaks, luscious roasts – time to order 100% grass-fed beef

It’s that time again – harvest at Bull Brook Keep, home of 100% grass-fed beef.

Ahh, the sizzle of grass-fed beef!

Ahh, the sizzle of grass-fed beef!

What does it mean? Great taste, high nutrition, and eating with a tiny carbon hoofprint(c) because our happy cattle enjoy fresh pasture grasses all summer and high-quality hay in the winter. They get a natural diet – no grains, no hormones and no subclinical antibiotics. Our herd is out in the sunshine year-round.
Harvest time means it’s time to reserve a variety package (ranging from 30 lbs. up to 220 lbs., or more) to suit your family size and freezer space. It’s easy to do with a deposit online or with a check.
What will you get? Steaks, roasts, ground beef, and more. The steaks include these types: T-bones, ribeye, sirloin, sirloin tip (tender!), tenderloin, NY Strip, top round, flank and skirt. Roasts will include two or more of these: chuck, arm, cross-rib, sirloin tip. And ground beef, is, ground beef.
You can order now. Here’s how

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