To Order Beef

You don’t have to buy half a cow.

Thanks for your interest in our 100% grass-fed beef.
Please use this page to reserve your order. Just scroll down to make your online deposit for a variety package, bulk ground beef, and/or summer sausage.
We deliver: $9.50 to Twin Cities metro area drop sites. Home delivery is $12.00-$15.00 depending on distance. Call to schedule.

Dave and I farm with a tiny carbon hoofprint(R) and humane animal management top-of-mind. We graze our cattle on grasses, herbs and legumes, which promotes meat with a high ratio or Omega-3’s and conjugated linoleic acid (CLAs), which are associated with health and cancer-fighting.
We farm in harmony with nature: calves arrive in spring, the herd grazes throughout the summer and fall, and harvests happen in late summer, fall and early winter. We sell out every year, so we encourage you to make a deposit at your earliest convenience. And remember, you’re invited to visit the farm throughout the year. We’d love to walk our pastures with you, introduce you to our BueLingo beef herd, and learn about your food journey.

Our Variety Packages
Order the size beef package that’s right for your family, freezer, and budget. Every cut is cryo-packaged and deep frozen to assure quality and flavor.
Reserve your order with a deposit by check or credit card. Please note that the deposit is a down payment that serves to reserve your order. Full payment is due at delivery/pick-up:
The Bistro Bundle, 25-30* lb. @$7.95/lb., a sampler of roasts, steaks, and 15+ lb. ground beef.
The Urban Epicure (1/8-steer) 50-60 lb. @ $7.80/lb., variety of roasts, stakes and 25+ lb. ground beef.
The Country Chef (1/4-steer) 110 lb. @ $7.60/lb., assortment of cuts for grilling, frying, slow oven braising, and the crock pot, plus 48+ lb. ground beef.
The Wagon Master (1/2 steer) 220 lb. @ $7.45/lb, a variety of steaks, roasts, stewing meat, liver, soup bones, and 95+ lb. ground beef.
– Call about whole steers or restaurant primal cuts, 651-238-8525.

*All weights are approximate because cattle range from 1,000 to 1,300 at harvest.

Sylvia & Dave Toftness

Variety Package Deposit

Your online payment for bulk ground beef and summer sausage represents full payment. No additional payments required, except in the instance where there may be a delivery charge.

Ground Beef $6.50/lb.

Summer sausage now available in limited quantity. Our sausage is about great taste without the guilt – made with only natural nitrates and nitrites. $9.50/lb. (7 lb. minimum.)

Summer Sausage